Happy Birthday John

    A Special News Feature from Beatles News  Monday, March 18, 2019 

John Lennon was and remains one of the most beloved individuals in history. There have been many tributes to him in words and music in the thirty years since his death.

In recent years, fans have taken to creating video tributes and posting them on YouTube and similar websites.

This page will present some of the best video tributes to John Lennon.

Here is just a small selection of what's out there.

    In His Life

A tribute set to John's song "In My Life". Includes a lot of very rare images.

    Paul Cries For A Shadow

Paul's 1982 tribute song "Here Today" performed live by Paul in 2007. A very emotional performance.

    A Song Of Love

John's song about his mother Julia from the White Album in 1968. A video illustration of one of John's most intimate songs.

    Two Of Them

The friendship between John and Paul that started in 1957 was the bedrock of the Beatles. As their performance on Two Of Us showed.

    George Gently Weeps

In 1981 George recruited Paul and Ringo to join him on his tribute to John "All Those Years Ago" which reflected on John's activism.

    Mama Don't Go

After undergoing Primal Scream therapy, John wrote the poignant and heart-wrenching "Mother" which he performed live only once.

    That Boy

As early as 1963, John was writing songs such as "This Boy" that exposed his vulnerability

    Ringo's Lullaby

John wrote "Good Night" as a lullaby for his first son Julian in 1968 and gave it to Ringo to sing

    In My Life

The Beatles 1965 recording set to some iconic stills of John throughout every stage of his life

    Let It Be

Paul McCartney's song sung gospel-style by Carol Woods with video clips of John and of his grief-stricken fans in 1980


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